Cbd Bracelet – Tanka Cbd Bracelet #1 Best CBD Bracelets


As great believers in the healing power of Mother Nature, Amnon, a chemical engineer with many years of experience, together with Tanka’s team, set to work. After much sweat and effort, we created a unique, patented, controlled-release Premium CBD bracelet containing the right amount of the finest CBD extract (from hemp)

One of the main considerations in creating the Tanka Bracelet was to offer relief through natural cannabinoids (CBD), but without any psychoactive or “high” effect. Amnon and the team discovered how to bring CBD to the ideal controlled release bracelet, and so the Premium Tanka CBD Bracelet was born. The journey since then has been delightful as the Tanka team strives to make history and deliver the best CBD product to a rapidly expanding market.







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